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Hello and welcome to www.emu-x.com. In this post we will try to help PC gaming newcomers to get the best games in the most economical and the most efficient way possible, something we’re sure everyone can find useful, no matter how wealthy you are an no matter how big your game collection is.

Let us begin with an advice. First and foremost, only buy games that you want to play straight away or in the near future. If you are any kind of gamer, chances are that there are plenty of games that may be interesting to you and that you’re looking forward to play. Instead of stocking on fifteen games to “play at some point”, think about what your priorities are and what is the one game that you really want to play. This alone will save you a lot of money especially when those crazy sales kick in and you’re suddenly faced with a bunch of games and all of them are looking very interesting to you.

So for the actual way to shop for games cheap and smart way, remember one word. Bundles.

Bundles are probably the most efficient way to purchase a game that you’re really interested in and still get a chance to discover a bunch of new games while potentially paying less than you would pay for a single title.

The thing with the bundles is that you can’t really expect to see games that have just been released a couple of days ago. At best you’ll get half a year old game bundled together with a bunch of older ones. Now, unless this game is a multiplayer that’s not a problem at all since all of the games can only get better with time due to patching and driver compatibility and support. This shouldn’t be a huge problem  since the multiplayer gamers either stick with one game of their choice and they are rarely even playing single player or co-op and honestly speaking, this post is not really meant for multiplayer gamers.

There are multiple websites that frequently offer fresh bundled games at more than affordable prices so the best thing you can do is just do a quick web search for bundled games and you will without a doubt end up with multiple results.

One site but would like to specifically mention is of course the Humble Bundle and no, this is not a sponsored review.

screenshot from the humblebundle

Humble Bundle offers the best deals, definitely. Every week there is a new bundle available with an entirely different theme. Sometimes you may expect to see racing games sometimes it can be first-person shooter and sometimes get to be a set of games from a specific developer or publisher. Nine out of ten bundles on the site are an absolute steal and you may get a couple of games for as low as one dollar, but should you choose to pay more, you will get even more games. Usually for the price of fifteen American dollars you can get around ten games which would cost around $200 or more if purchased separately.

Last but not least, if you option to buy games and Humble Bundle know that your’re also supporting charity since a portion of every sale is donated to different activists and charity associations. So to sum it up, you get games for very low price and therefore you’re feeling good and you make others feel good by helping them out. Could it possibly get any better than this?

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