Got Skyrim Remaster? Consider This Mod for Your Play Through!

Skyrim remastered was recently released for PC and consoles. It is a great opportunity for people to relive this epic experience once again with beautiful and immersive remastered graphics, a great chance for every newcomer to play definitive and absolutely the best version of the game. But what is perhaps the most important addition with this new version of the game is that now, finally, console users will be able to experience game mods for the first time.


If you happen to be one of those (or a PC player newcomer) here’s a mod that you should definitely consider for your play through. No matter how you feel about the modifications this is something that you do not want to miss out on.


The mod is called Frostfall and it aims to add another layer of depth in the immersion for the player by making Skyrim feel like unforgiving and hostile land that it’s portrayed it to be.

The most basic description would be challenging survival mod yet it is much more than that.

Skyrim is described as cold and unforgiving land of snow, blizzards and blistering cold but in reality the game never manages to live up to those descriptions. This mod aims to make your play through that much deeper and more challenging by adding some immersive, extremely lore friendly gameplay changes that will make you fear the wilds and nature of Skyrim.

Expect to be a constant lookout for weather changes in conditions. The added feature called “exposure level” punish you by applying crippling the buffs whenever your character suffers body temperature loss by being exposed to harsh weather. These debuffs come in form of reduced movement speed and maximum health and in addition you become more vulnerable to physical damage as your body starts to freeze and you may ultimately die of freezing.

However, while it’s true that this mod is challenging and unforgiving it is also fair. You can get more than well-equipped for all of these situations by carrying appropriate gear for the appropriate water conditions.

For example:

If it’s raining outside and you can wait for the rain to stop, equipping some leather gear is the smartest thing to do. How so? Well leather, unlike fur, will not get wet so your character can stay dry and warm for extended amounts of time. The last thing you want to do in a cold, snowy mountain area is to get wet.

At the same time, leather gear won’t provide the amount of code protection that fur will. Fur will keep warm on those cold days and will make sure that you get to your destination safely. However, sometimes even the warmest gear will fail to do its job when faced with unforgiving and overwhelming blizzards.


In cases like these it is best that you just wait it out until it passes so you may safely resume your journey but, what if there’s no place for you to wait at? Frostfall comes bundled together with multiple little add-ons that will further increase the immersion level of the game in one of those add-ons is designed specifically for camping. In case you absolutely cannot proceed any further you may take a tent from your backpack and set up camping spot with your own campfire to provide heat and means to prepare food for yourself that may further debilitate the progression of freezing.

Just like your own gear, camping tents come in various types and sizes. While fur tent will do wonders during the blizzard it might not be the smartest thing to use it as shelter for when it’s raining for it will get soaked and produce a counter effect making you freeze even faster than you normally would without it.

You may be thinking, how am I going to freeze if it’s raining? This is because Frostfall, in addition to monitoring your body heat level is also making notes of how wet you and your gear is. Characters get soaked are more susceptible to cold weather and may freeze in an instant. This is very important to know since, if you play with Frostfall you may forget about swimming and diving unless the sun shining or you have a safe, warm place to retrieve to immediately after taking a dip otherwise, you’ll frees for sure.


Last but not least, Frostfall comes with a unique skill tree made specifically for survival. Skills like: resistance and the ability to collect and chop wood more efficiently for your campfire. Skill to prepare food and drink and to make makeshift gear like weapons and tends from whatever you may find wilds make it that much more useful to have. This skill will increase simply by spending time in the wilds without dying.


Now this may sound overwhelming to some players, and while the mod is definitely not for everybody is still worth checking out for simple fact that the moment you start to feel overwhelmed you may simply customize the mod to your liking. If you think the impact of cold weather on your character is too severe go to settings and simply reduce the severity of it. If you do not like specific feature is most likely that he can be toggled on or off at your leisure. There are even preset settings to choose from waging all the way from casual all the way to hard-core for those players looking for the most realistic and unforgiving survival experience that Skyrim can provide.


Whether or not survival is your thing, we definitely urge you to give this mod a chance. It is definite to change the way you play and act in the game and if version is your thing, then this is definitely, without a doubt the right model for you.


The mod is available on Skyrim Nexus for PC users and through mod manager for console users. Most definite recommendation for this gem and a huge thumbs up and a honest thank you for it’s creator Chesko!

EmuX Kevin

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